Palace of St. Michael and St. George


It is a palace in Corfu Town. The Greek name is "Palaia Anaktora" (literally "Old Palace"). It was built by Sir Frederick Adam, the British Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands. It served as the High Commissioner's residence, but was also the home of the Ionian Senate and the Order of St Michael and St George. The foundation stone was laid on St. George's day in 1819. The location is between the old town of Corfu and the Venetian citadel. Today the palace houses the Museum of Asian art of Corfu.





Mon Repos

Mon Repos is a villa on the island of Corfu, Greece. It lies south of Corfu City in the forest of Palaiopolis. It was built as a summer residence for the English Commissioner Thomas Maitland. In 1833, it housed a school of fine arts, while in 1834, the park was opened to the public. Empress Elisabeth of Austria stayed in the palace in 1863. Here she fell in love with the island, where she later built the Achilleion Palace. After the union with Greece in 1864, the palace was granted to King George I of the Hellenes as a summer residence. He named the villa Mon Repos. The royal family used it as a summer residence up to the end of monarchy in 1967. The palace became derelict, but was restored in the 1990s.






Achilleion (Greek: Αχίλλειο or Αχίλλειον) is a palace built in Corfu by Empress of Austria Elisabeth of Bavaria, also known as Sisi. In 1890, she built a summer palace in the region of Gastouri (Γαστούρι), about ten kilometres to the south of the city of Corfu. The palace was designed with the mythical hero Achilles as its central theme. Corfu was Elizabeth's favourite vacation place and she built the palace because she admired Greece and its language and culture. Achilleion's location provides a panoramic view of Corfu city to the north, and across the whole southern part of the island.






Old Fortress

The Old Fortress of Corfu is a Venetian fortress in the city of Corfu. It covers the promontory which initially contained the old town of Corfu that had emerged during Byzantine times. The Fortress houses the Public library of Corfu which is located in the old British barracks.The fortress grounds are also used for various types of art and culture exhibits.








Saint Spyridon Church

The Saint Spyridon Church is a Greek Orthodox church built in the 1580s. It houses the relics of Saint Spyridon and it is located in the old town of Corfu. It is a single-nave basilica and its bell tower is the highest in the Ionian Islands. It is the most famous church in Corfu.









Pontikonisi (Greek meaning "mouse island") is home of the monastery of Pantokrator (Μοναστήρι του Παντοκράτορος); it is the white stone staircase of the monastery that when viewed from afar gives the impression of a (mouse) tail which lent the island its name: 'mouse island'.